Audi Crown

A4 Sedan

The ideal balance between performance and efficiency, sportsmanship and sovereignty, intelligence and emotion: The Audi A4.

  • Safety and Security

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring system : The Audi A4 includes a safeguard feature that detects a potential loss of tire pressure and provides an acoustic and visual warning for the same.
    8 Airbags : Being a sedan, the A4 includes an adaptive front-end collision protection system. This feature includes seat position recognition and includes full sized front airbags, with airbags for the head, side and rear side.
    Electronic stability control (ESC) : All features of the A4 sedan have separate sensors under the ESC. This system can network reference and driving data as well as the EBD & ABS. Additionally, it can also intervene in the engine management and provide targeted braking for individual wheels.
    Anti Slip Regulation The Audi A4 is equipped with ASR. This feature helps reduce the spinning of drive wheels, improving the car’s traction.
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