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Audi a3

The Audi A3 Sedan is the perfect combination of intelligence and imagination. Packed with features that far outclass its category, the next big Audi is truly the World Car of the Year 2014.

  • Efficiency

    Aerodynamics : Keeping in mind that the shape of a car holds bearing on efficiency, the Audi A3 has been designed with the most aerodynamic shape.
    Hybrid aluminium construction: Unlike most sedans in this class, the Audi A3 has been built with a hybrid aluminum construction, instead of simple steel. Until now, this technology has been employed in sports cars, but this lightweight hybrid construction of the A3 helps with reduced consumption, superior agility, as well as a greater efficiency overall.
    TDI engine : The TDI engine was first introduced in 1989. It has been refined time and again since then, which has included the development and the incorporation of common rail technology. In the engine of the Audi A3, there is a series of piezo injectors that utilize electrical charge, controlling the fuel amount injected into the engine. This helps reduce noise and the less oxygen intake allows for combustion at a lower temperature, which in turn results in lower emissions.
    Energy Recuperation: At the time of braking, kinetic energy is converted to thermal energy which is unusable and is wasted. But with the recuperation system of the Audi A3, this kinetic energy is converted to electrical energy. The alternator generates this electrical energy that is stored temporarily in the battery, and is used in any subsequent acceleration. This helps in saving up to 3% fuel; not a big figure, but it reflects in the long term.
    S tronic Transmission: The S tronic dual-clutch transmission works as two separate systems, utilizing the simple principle of thinking ahead. One part of this S tronic transmission works towards engaging the even numbered gears, while the other part engages the odd-numbered gears. So at the time of driving the car, one part of the transmission in your Audi A3 will have the next gear ready, say the third; and as soon as the switch to third is made, the fourth gear will be made ready by the other part. Changing gears, with two harmoniously working clutches, becomes instantaneous and causes no loss or interruption in power.
    Adaptive brake light: The Audi A3 includes features that ensure not only yours but other’s safety as well on the road. In case an emergency stop is employed, the car’s brake light flashes to warn the traffic behind. Plus, as soon as the car comes to a standstill, the hazard lights automatically switch on.
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