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Audi a3

The Audi A3 Sedan is the perfect combination of intelligence and imagination. Packed with features that far outclass its category, the next big Audi is truly the World Car of the Year 2014.

  • Safety and Security

    Adaptive brake light: The brake light in the Audi A3 does of course flash to warn any following traffic of an emergency stop, but it is also an intuitive A3 safety feature that turns on the hazard warning lights automatically as the car comes to a standstill.
    Airbags : A prominent A3 safety feature, the sedan includes airbags for the front passenger, the driver, and the front side. The car also has head level airbags for the front and rear side, with a switch that can deactivate the unrequired airbags.
    Anti-slip Regulation (ASR) : This A3 security feature ensures better stability and traction for the car by reducing the engine power, which prevents the spinning of the drive wheels.
    Anti-lock brake system (ABS) : There are Audi A3 safety features in place to ensure that you would be able to brake your car, regardless of the road condition. The Audi A3 employs hydraulic brake assist, EBD, and ABS.
    Audi Pre Sense Basic: All the systems of the Audi A3 are kept in a network by this A3 security feature. This enables the system to categorize driving situations and take measures to protect the car’s passengers.
    Electronic stabilisation control (ESC): This feature helps stabilize the car in hazardous situations. The measures that it takes include targeted wheel braking, changing the torque of steering, intervening in the engine management system, etc.
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