Audi Crown

Audi A8L

Interspersed with efficiency, dynamics, performance, and luxury, the Audi A8L is an experience of powerful sovereignty.

  • Exterior Design

    Aesthetic Elegant

    The design of the Audi A8L follows a clear principle of concentrating only on the essentials. The A8L’s exterior design can be described as, without a doubt, a work of art. The car exudes an awe-inspiring sportiness that does not have even a single line of design without function. Manufactured with exclusive material, the Audi A8L has the most distinctive surfaces that bring a certain brilliance to even the smallest detailing.

    A Larger Design

    The Audi A8L is noticeably longer than the standard A8L version. The width of the two variants is the same, while the wheelbase and length of the Audi A8L exterior design are 130 millimeters longer. An increase to 1,462 millimeters in the height allows for more space for relaxation. The wide rear doors installed in this luxury sedan make entering and exiting the car as comfortable as possible.

    Panoramic glass roof

    The Audi A8L has an option to install a panoramic glass roof. This roof, divided into two sections that can be elevated individually, fill the car’s interiors with natural light. This glass can also be shaded as and when required with blinds.

    Matrix Headlamps

    The A8L’s exterior design includes the signature Matrix LED headlights. These lights employs technology that can make them appear as light points or as a dynamic strip of light. The LED headlamps can be controlled individually to provide the right amount of light for the present situation.

  • A8L Interior Design

    Opulent space

    The Audi A8L with its increased length augments a comfortable ride for the rear passengers. Entering and alighting from the car has been made effortless with the installation of wider rear doors, while the increased roominess of the A8L’s interior design makes the car supremely opulent.

    Accessibly Luxurious

    In addition to the wider rear doors, the electronically controlled individual front seats reflect the distinctiveness of the interior design of the Audi A8L. Making for an extremely luxurious setting, the passenger seats can be individually cooled or heated to create the plushest riding experience.

    Precise and stylish

    The A8L’s interior design resonates with the most divine craftsmanship. Employing the most stylish materials for slender and understated styling, the car gives an altogether modern look. The Audi A8L reflects pure finesse in the interior design, and also includes finely calibrated and perfectly positioned pushbuttons that refine ambient lighting in the car.

    Rear Seat Executive Package

    The Audi A8L comes with the option of installing two single seats in the rear. This package comes with a luxuriously relaxing set up for the seats, right behind the front passenger seat. This set up includes pneumatic lumbar support, fore/aft position electrical adjustment system, and a footrest that is controllable from the rear.

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