Audi Crown

Audi A8L

The Audi A8 L. Witness its powerful sovereignty. Led by luxury, complemented by performance, dynamics and efficiency. Throughout its full length.

  • Efficiency

    Audi Space Frame ASF® The Audi A8L employs a light aluminum metal that offers high rigidity as well as great design freedom. The principle of ASF construction allows for reduced consumption and a sporty handling of the sedan.
    TFSI® engine With TFSI® technology allows for direct injection of the fuel into the combustion chamber. The result is reduced fuel consumption because of the more effective ratios of compression and cylinder filling, as compared to conventional fuel injections.
    TDI® engine Synonymous with low emissions, high power yield, and economy, the TDI® engine in the Audi A8L integrates pioneering technologies like the common rail system and piezo injectors.
    Energy recovery The Audi A8L has an energy recovery system that converts kinetic energy that is generated during braking or coasting into electrical energy. This energy is stored and then directed to the engine at the time of re-acceleration. This helps relieve the alternator as well as reducing fuel consumption.
    LED technologyThe A8L comes with the option to install LED headlights, daytime running lights, and rear lights. Built to last a lifetime, these LEDs require half the power of conventional bulbs.
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