Audi Crown

Audi A8L

The Audi A8 L. Witness its powerful sovereignty. Led by luxury, complemented by performance, dynamics and efficiency. Throughout its full length.

  • 4-zone automatic air conditioning

    The Audi A8L allows all the occupants to maintain their individually preferred climates with its four-zone deluxe automatic air conditioning. This Audi A8L feature includes controls for setting the air distribution, temperature, and blower speed, separately for the right and left sides.

    Ambient lighting

    The Audi A8L features ambient lighting options that include interior lights that automatically turn on with the opening of the door. These lights of the Audi A8L can also be individually adjusted.

  • Dynamic steering (Optional)

    The Audi A8L offers a dynamic steering option that can help the driver adjust the angle of steering and the effort employed, enhancing the drivability and the comfort of the car.

    Rear Seat Entertainment

    The A8L features an option to install a Rear Seat Entertainment system which includes two LCD displays (10.2 inches) located at the back of the front seats, which can support multiple media formats.

  • Rear Seat Executive Package (Optional)

    The A8L also comes with optional rear comfort seats. This executive package assists in creating individual spheres of relaxation and luxury. A leather trimmed center console helps create spatial divisions.

    Two-piece panoramic sunroof (Optional)

    Available on request, the A8L also comes with a panorama sunroof that floods the interior with natural light. This sunroof also has efficient ventilation that helps improve the overall climate of the car.

  • Matrix LED Headlamps

    Using a large amount of data, recorded by the sensors, navigation system, and camera, the LED matrix headlamps provide precise and selective illumination, based on the present conditions.

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