Audi Crown

Audi RS5

The Audi RS5 Coupe. Its enormous power, electronically tamed, is reflected in its shape: pure muscle, dressed in elegance.

  • quattro®

    The new crown gear centre differential is fitted with plate sets to enable higher locking factors to be achieved. This enables up to 85% of the driving torque to be distributed to the rear axle and up to 70% to the front axle.
    In conjunction with the electronic distribution of torque selectively to each wheel, for the first time driving forces are now also allocated to each wheel as a function of the driving situation. The special feature of this system is that the torque is already distributed before unwanted wheel spin occurs. This all ensures a precisely controllable and sporty handling, as well as an improved level of agility with outstanding traction.

    7-speed S tronic®

    The 7-speed S tronic consists of two multi-plate clutches and two part-transmissions. Both transmissions are permanently active, although there is only ever one actually frictionally connected to the engine.
    For example, when the driver accelerates in third gear, fourth gear is already engaged in the second part-transmission. The gearshift process is carried out by changing the clutch - one opens and the other closes. The actual gear change takes just a few hundredths of a second and is completed with virtually no break in the power flow. In manual mode, the gear change is controlled via the gearshift paddle switches on the steering wheel or by lightly touching the selector lever. In automatic mode the gearshift characteristics of the transmission can be changed using Audi drive select.

  • High-performance braking system

    The 8-piston fixed calipers of the standard 18-inch high-performance braking system exert a powerful action on the front axle. The brake discs consist of a cast friction ring that is connected to the aluminium brake disc chamber with steel pins.
    And for even tougher conditions, there is the optional 19-inch ceramic brake system featuring 6-piston fixed calipers. On this system, the brake discs for the front axle are made of carbon fibre reinforced ceramics. A hard and abrasion-resistant silicon carbide into which high-strength carbon fibres are embedded forms the base material. This results in both extremely high abrasion resistance, enabling a long service life to be achieved, and insensitivity to high thermal stresses. Furthermore, the material offers a weight advantage over steel discs.

    Sports suspension plus with Dynamic Ride control DRC

    Sports suspension plus with Dynamic Ride control DRC is available as an option for the RS 5. This suspension technology hydraulically reduces 
    The dampers are diagonally positioned opposite each other 
    and are joined to each other by oil lines and by a centre valve on each side. Should the dampers be differently immersed, such as when cornering quickly, the valves will then act on the oil flow to the deflected wheel. They strengthen the support there, thereby reducing the lateral inclination and as such, improve the handling. 
    The sports suspension with Dynamic Ride Control DRC can be set to three modes using Audi drive select.

  • Audi drive select

    In general, with Audi drive select you can configure the accelerator characteristics, the exhaust flap control, the transmission mode, as well as the steering torque of servotronic. Three different modes are available with which these components are adjusted to the respective driving situation.
    The auto mode is effectively the “factory setting” that defines the Audi RS 5 as commandingly sporty. The comfort mode is particularly suitable for long distance driving, while the dynamic mode is designed for ambitious driving. If the optional MMI navigation system is also fitted, an additional individual mode is available. This mode allows you yourself to specify how the aforementioned vehicle components should be configured.

    Audi exclusive

    Lend your RS 5 a totally unique character. With the Audi exclusive customisation range, you can expand the many different standard design options even further.
    Therefore numerous leather packages are available which can be combined with various types of seat cover and exclusive colours. Inlays in very special types of wood can add additional stylish touches to the interior. To accentuate the sporty character, there are controls in black “suede-leather” and floor mats with the RS 5 logo available. Whatever style you want to create for your RS 5 - we will be there to help you to achieve it.

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