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What makes an SUV a family car?

Like other things, different cars to have different functions to serve. Some of the car classifications include sports cars, city cars, executive cars, and family cars. It is imperative to know which cars serve what need before you head out to buy one.

Mentioned below are a few of the reasons, as to why you should buy an SUV, like an Audi Q5, if you are looking for a good all-round family car:


SUVs or suburban utility vehicles are available in various sizes, like mid-sized, large and even extended sizes. SUVs serve as good options for those who need their car to be spacious enough to fit in a big family. While most SUVs can comfortably seat five passengers, some of them also come with third row seating.


Given their build, SUVs are sturdier than normal cars and hence, safer. These vehicles, besides allowing more headroom, are also large and heavy. The high grade build quality of the cars allows for more ground clearance. These cars also may not be as affected by head-on collisions, as a light weighted or a less solid vehicle might be.

Off-road capabilities

There are many SUVs which come with a four wheel drive capability, should you need it to hit the muddy tracks or off-beaten paths. Besides, they also have higher ground clearance and suspensions, designed to make off-road performances more efficient.

Fuel economy

The advancements of technology and the automobile industry have made modern SUVs fuel efficient. Present day SUVs get rated around 30 miles per gallon, making them a little easier to maintain than before. SUVs like the Audi Q5 come with a 2.0 L turbocharged engine, in diesel providing good mileage and fuel economy.

Style and comfort

Initially available as a boxed up vehicle, modern SUVs have undergone some amazing design and technological changes. SUVs are known to serve as a comfortable ride for long-drives. A luxury SUV, like the Audi Q5, comes loaded with standard features like sun and humidity sensors, front and rear reading lights, air vents, etc.

Buying an SUV as a family car is a great option. Though it might cost a bit more than a sedan or a hatchback, the advantages it offers more than makeup for the price difference.

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