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Audi RS Range

The Audi RS Series is a range of high performance cars that focus primarily on performance. Born on the race track, proving its worth in extreme conditions, and finely tuned to bring production maturity for the road, the performance of the RS Series has been engineered primarily for the driver who needs a race-bred sports car that is thoroughly involving. Audi has integrated every ounce of innovation to make the performance of every model in the Audi RS Series better than its predecessors. The RS Series has six models available in the Indian markets. These are:

The Audi SS Sportback
The Audi RS 5
The Audi RS 6
The Audi RS 7
The Audi R 8 Coupe
The Audi R 8 Spyder

The philosophy behind each RS model is to be nothing less than the maximum. Each car is a seamless combination of superb aesthetic and control. The entire Audi RS Series is a pack of high-performance machines that are worthy on the track, intimidating on the road.

Equipped with Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) which is an exclusive to the RS Series, the cars perform with millimeter precision, and with minimized rolling and pitching. Experience the precise high-speed cornering and the thrill of acceleration, all with the safety of the thermoshock-resistant brake discs that keep you in complete control. The aerodynamic shape of these cars is no coincidence, but a result of ingenious technology that has been perfected and refined over the years. Book your test drive today and experience first-hand the thrill of driving an Audi RS.

  • S5 Sportback
    The S emblem
    Audi S5 Sportback
    Dressed in Elegance
    Audi RS5
  • RS6
    Less weight more driving pleasure
    Audi RS6
    The RS 7 Sportback
    Audi RS7
  • R8
    pure performance with explosive equipment
    Audi R8
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